Shelley Stamp

Professional Bio 

Shelley Stamp is the author of two award-winning books on women and early cinema, and founding editor of the journal Feminist Media Histories. She is currently curating a DVD box set on early women filmmakers and co-writing a book on Women and the Silent Screen in America. She teaches at UC Santa Cruz.

Area of Expertise 

I am an expert on women and early Hollywood. My work charts the extraordinary role that women played in the first decades of moviemaking – directing and producing films, writing screenplays, shaping fan culture and early film criticism, running theaters and showing films in their classrooms, libraries, and community centers. As audiences, filmmakers, critics and educators, women were central to the evolution of American movie culture. In addition to writing scholarly books and articles, I have engaged in a number of public intellectual projects, including film series curating, DVD audio commentary, and writing for such popular forums as the National Film Registry, the Women's Museum of California, and the Dangerous Women Project. More info here:

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Film Historian