Nathaniel Bogie

Professional Bio 

Currently I am working on a collaborative project investigating the impact of different long-term agricultural management strategies on drought resilience and carbon cycling in California soils. I have a PhD from UC Merced where I wrote my dissertation entitled "Hydrologic Relations Between Native Woody Shrubs and Food Crops in the Peanut Basin, Senegal" that investigated the soil hydrology of a unique agroforestry system in West Africa. Before getting my doctorate, I worked as a geologist and a scientist in the environmental, energy, and water resources industries.

Area of Expertise 

My areas of expertise are in plant-water relations, soil physics, and planning and execution of large, collaborative projects often in resource-limited areas. Additionally I have shown my ability to clearly and effectively communicate science topics to a general audience by winning the UC Merced Grad Slam in 2015, and writing a general-audience article about our Senegal research in the publication "The Conversation."

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Postdoctoral Scholar