Emily Ritter

Professional Bio 

Emily Hencken Ritter (PhD, 2010, Emory University) is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of California, Merced. Her research explores the interconnected relationship between government repression, popular dissent, and international institutions. She has published articles in the American Political Science Review, the Journal of Politics, the Journal of Peace Research, the Journal of Conflict Resolution, and other prominent journals. Her first book, co-authored with Courtenay R. Conrad, is currently under review.

Area of Expertise 

My research centers on the effects of international legal institutions on the strategic relationship between government repression and dissent activities, with particular attention to the methodological implications for causal inference that stem from strategic conflict behavior. Different projects contribute to scholarship on international human rights institutions, law, and practice; domestic conflict between national governments and groups from the population; international governance and legal institutions; institutional solutions to bargaining and cooperation problems, and political methodology. Game theory and quantitative statistical analysis are the primary methods I use to approach inference.

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Professional Title 
Assistant Professor