Jade Sasser

Institutional Affiliation 
Assistant Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies, UC Riverside
Professional Bio 

Jade S. Sasser is Assistant Professor in the Department of Gender and Sexuality Studies at the University of California, Riverside. She holds a PhD in Environmental Science, Policy & Management and an MA in Cultural Anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley. She is currently working on a book about the role of climate change activism in public understandings of global population growth and women’s reproductive health. Her research interests focus on race and gender in environmentalism, global population advocacy, international development, and climate change.

Area of Expertise 

My areas of expertise are gender, climate change, reproductive health, and sustainability in global context. I primarily research climate change activism, advocacy, and interventions. My first project, on which I am currently drafting a book manuscript, looks at the ways young people, underrepresented minority groups, women, and other marginalized communities advocate for climate and other policies in global contexts, and how these efforts link to global population and women's reproductive health advocacy. My two new projects explore the role of gender in alternative energy projects, and the role of pregnancy in "green" and sustainable consumption practices.

Workshop Locations